DNSO General Assembly
Full record of the Vote on the motion on DNSO reorganisation

Monday, 29 Oct 2001, 21:00 UTC, 22:00 Paris time.

Re: b09

Full record of the Vote on the motion on DNSO reorganisation

cf. http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2001.GA-DNSO-Motion-Reorg-vote.html

The vote was conducted by the DNSO Secretariat according to the Voting Rules adopted by the GA and published in: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-voting-rules.html .

The members to the Watchdog Committee in 2001 were requested for supervision:

The time for the vote was:

Begins: Monday 22 Oct 2001, 16:00 UTC
(12:00 New York, 18:00 Paris)

Ends: Monday 29 Oct 2001, 17:00 UTC
(12:00 New York, 18:00 Paris)

A. The final result:

Number of ballots sent: 447
Number of ballots received: 128 (28.6%)

90 Agree
24 Disagree
14 Abstain
(2 empty answers counted as Abstain)

The motions is adopted.

B. Fiveteen (15) Delivery-Reports:

     1  b09:K1238Z
     2  b09:K1fbdZ
     3  b09:K23e4Z
     4  b09:K3b27Z
     5  b09:K4ee9Z
     6  b09:K7188Z
     7  b09:K7417Z
     8  b09:K7822Z
     9  b09:K7977Z
    10  b09:K958aZ
    11  b09:Kba70Z
    12  b09:Kc27bZ
    13  b09:Kd1adZ
    14  b09:Kf89bZ
    15  b09:Kfbf2Z

C. Adjustements:

Besides trashing HTML format, the following adjustements were made:

1. b09:K71e2Z, splitted lines accolated
2. b09:Kc257Z, splitted lines accolated
3. b09:K95b7Z, two identical answers received, last one taken

D. Full public record:

Ballot sent with       3 choices
           b09:[ ] Agree
           b09:[ ] Disagree
           b09:[ ] Abstain
Electorate of     447 persons, casting one vote each
Ballots received from     128 persons (sorted by arrival time)
           Michael Froomkin
           Guy Millward
           Bret Fausett
           Charles Shaban
           Michael Gendron, Ph.D.
           Harald Tveit Alvestrand
           David Hernand
           Roger Klaus
           Bart Mackay
           Bruce James
           Gerard Guerin
           Friedrich Kisters
           Andrew Delamarter
           Cindy Merry
           Rob Jonas
           Oscar Robles
           Roeland Meyer
           Judith Oppenheimer
           James Ancona
           Frederic Wilf
           Marc Schneiders
           Dave Geurs
           Michael F. McNulty
           Timothy Denton
           James Sheldon
           Joe Gluza
           Harold Burstyn
           Stephane Fisbein
           Glen de Saint Gery
           Kendall Dawson
           Danny Younger
           Marc Delain
           Bradley D. Thornton
           Steve Chadima
           Olivier Guillard
           Nikhil Narayanan
           Brad Copeland
           Emilie Graille
           Jocelyn Nadeau
           Michaela Soukal
           Paul Svensson
           Jeanette Hofmann
           Dirk Lorenz
           Kerry Samovar
           Daniel UD Udatny
           Leah Gallegos
           Thor Kottelin
           Christian Singleton
           Michael Astle
           Yves Ebizet
           Lee Lowery
           Michaela Gerberich
           Jessica Westbrook
           Michael Castello
           Jose Enrique Díaz Jolly
           Gregory Beesemyer
           Shuo Lin
           Pascal Bernhard
           Meinrad Nell
           Chippu Abraham
           Joanna Lane
           Thomas Roessler
           Gregoire Seither
           Jan Hoogendoorn
           Patrick Greenwell
           Christine Russo
           Karen Dredske
           Alexander Svensson
           Matthew Pemble
           Dan Sheehy
           Gary Osbourne
           Darryl G Lynch
           Hartmut Richard Glaser
           John Patrick Palmer
           Sotiris Sotiropoulos
           Joop Teernstra
           Jeffrey Neuman
           Scott Hollenbeck
           Jean-François C. (Jefsey) Morfin
           Michael Haffely
           Hugh Blair
           Andy Duff
           Chuck Gomes
           Gary Saake
           Jeffrey Williams
           Rod Dixon
           Jan Gora
           Craig Newell
           Michael Miller
           Jacek Duniec
           Dany Vandromme
           Jackie McKay
           Adam Peake
           Stéphane Reuille
           Corinne Bariel
           Ken Stoen
           Keith Gymer
           Chris Wilkins
           David Farrar
           William X. Walsh
           Michael Schneider
           Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle
           Steve Metalitz
           Giacomo Catenazzi
           Kilian Wahl
           David Ishag
           Sam Michel Cembalo
           Peter de Blanc
           Benjamin Landsberger-Isaac
           Florencio Utreras
           Michel Guillou
           Nestor Requeno
           Andrew McMeikan
           William S. Lovell
           Steffen Goewe
           Annie Renard
           Susan Crawford
           Jacques Roelens
           Dale Farmer
           Roberto Gaetano
           Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
           Jason Graff
           Vincent Deveze
           Gerald St. Amand
           Jonathan Weinberg
           Steven Heath
           Tobias Kleck
           Rita Kershaw
Casted votes (sorted by personal code)
           b09:K11cfZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K14cdZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K1614Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K175aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K1884Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K1a68Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K1ad5Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K1d5bZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K1d96Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K1df1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2197Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K22e5Z casted  0 votes
           b09:K2431Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2528Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2582Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2784Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2d0fZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K2e59Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K2fadZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K36e5Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K3794Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K3848Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K384dZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K3bd7Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K3d2eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K3dd3Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K438cZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K43b9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K44d9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K4a1dZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K4a34Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K4f2dZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K4ff6Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K540eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K54ebZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K5525Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K5631Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K56d2Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K573bZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K58dfZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K5981Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K5b4aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K5f50Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K5fe7Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K60d0Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K6589Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K65fcZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K672aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K6ac0Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K6c3bZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K6cadZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K6decZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K6f1aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K7143Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K71e2Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7379Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7795Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K79e2Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7a65Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7a87Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7af6Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7ca5Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7d95Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7e69Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K7e74Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K80b2Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K80bbZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K8193Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K8250Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K82d1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K864eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K89a3Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K8e0eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:K8ef8Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K8f45Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9094Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K95b7Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9685Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9822Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9890Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9906Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9e88Z casted  1 votes
           b09:K9ec1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka1a1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka1c5Z casted  0 votes
           b09:Ka2d1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka39aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka62aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka8c9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Ka947Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kaa19Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kaa37Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kaab3Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kad70Z casted  1 votes
           b09:KadedZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kb161Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kb1efZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kb25cZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kb44fZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kb6eeZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kba49Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kbe8aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kc03bZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kc0edZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kc257Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kc2cbZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kc49eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kca20Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kce2fZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kd1feZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kd3d1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kd8bbZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kdb74Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kdeb1Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Ked12Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Keeb9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf072Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf308Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf37eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf50aZ casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf576Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf5a9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf7b6Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf830Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf9a9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kf9f9Z casted  1 votes
           b09:Kfb5eZ casted  1 votes
           b09:KfcfaZ casted  1 votes
Nb of casted votes     128
Vote results, full list:
           90 Agree
           24 Disagree
           14 Abstain
Public results (sorted by personal code)
 b09:K11cfZ:[X] Disagree
 b09:K14cdZ:[x] Agree
 b09:K1614Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K175aZ:[ x] Disagree
 b09:K1884Z:[x] Abstain
 b09:K1a68Z:[ X] Agree
 b09:K1ad5Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K1d5bZ:[x] Disagree
 b09:K1d96Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K1df1Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:K2197Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K2431Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K2528Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K2582Z:[X ] Disagree
 b09:K2784Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K2d0fZ:[ x] Agree
 b09:K2e59Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K2fadZ:[X ] Agree
 b09:K36e5Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K3794Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K3848Z:[x ] Agree
 b09:K384dZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K3bd7Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:K3d2eZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K3dd3Z:[x] Disagree
 b09:K438cZ:[X] Disagree
 b09:K43b9Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K44d9Z:[ x] Abstain
 b09:K4a1dZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K4a34Z:[x ] Agree
 b09:K4f2dZ:[x] Abstain
 b09:K4ff6Z:[x] Abstain
 b09:K540eZ:[ X] Disagree
 b09:K54ebZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K5525Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K5631Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K56d2Z:[x ] Abstain
 b09:K573bZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K58dfZ:[ x] Disagree
 b09:K5981Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K5b4aZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K5f50Z:[ x] Agree
 b09:K5fe7Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:K60d0Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K6589Z:[x ] Disagree
 b09:K65fcZ:[x] Agree
 b09:K672aZ:[x] Disagree
 b09:K6ac0Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K6c3bZ:[X] Abstain
 b09:K6cadZ:[X] Disagree
 b09:K6decZ:[x] Disagree
 b09:K6f1aZ:[x ] Disagree
 b09:K7143Z:[ x] Agree
 b09:K71e2Z:[ x] Agree 
 b09:K7379Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K7795Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K79e2Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K7a65Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K7a87Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K7af6Z:[X] Disagree
 b09:K7ca5Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K7d95Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K7e69Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K7e74Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K80b2Z:[x] Disagree
 b09:K80bbZ:[X] Agree
 b09:K8193Z:[ X] Agree
 b09:K8250Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K82d1Z:[X] Disagree
 b09:K864eZ:[x ] Agree
 b09:K89a3Z:[X] Disagree
 b09:K8e0eZ:[x] Agree
 b09:K8ef8Z:[ x] Agree
 b09:K8f45Z:[X] Agree
 b09:K9094Z:[X] Abstain
 b09:K95b7Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:K9685Z:[x ] Agree
 b09:K9822Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K9890Z:[X] Abstain
 b09:K9906Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K9e88Z:[x] Agree
 b09:K9ec1Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Ka1a1Z:[x] Disagree
 b09:Ka2d1Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Ka39aZ:[X] Abstain
 b09:Ka62aZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Ka8c9Z:[ X] Agree
 b09:Ka947Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kaa19Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kaa37Z:[X] Agree
 b09:Kaab3Z:[X] Disagree
 b09:Kad70Z:[X] Disagree
 b09:KadedZ:[X] Agree
 b09:Kb161Z:[x] Disagree
 b09:Kb1efZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Kb25cZ:[x] Abstain
 b09:Kb44fZ:[X] Agree
 b09:Kb6eeZ:[x ] Disagree
 b09:Kba49Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kbe8aZ:[X] Agree
 b09:Kc03bZ:[x ] Agree
 b09:Kc0edZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Kc257Z:[ X ] Abstain
 b09:Kc2cbZ:[X] Agree
 b09:Kc49eZ:[ X] Agree
 b09:Kca20Z:[X] Agree
 b09:Kce2fZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Kd1feZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Kd3d1Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kd8bbZ:[X] Agree
 b09:Kdb74Z:[X ] Disagree
 b09:Kdeb1Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:Ked12Z:[X ] Agree
 b09:Keeb9Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kf072Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kf308Z:[ x ] Agree
 b09:Kf37eZ:[ x ] Agree
 b09:Kf50aZ:[x] Agree
 b09:Kf576Z:[x] Agree
 b09:Kf5a9Z:[x] Disagree
 b09:Kf7b6Z:[ x] Agree
 b09:Kf830Z:[X] Agree
 b09:Kf9a9Z:[x ] Agree
 b09:Kf9f9Z:[x] Abstain
 b09:Kfb5eZ:[x] Agree
 b09:KfcfaZ:[x] Agree
 b09:K22e5Z:    abstention
 b09:Ka1c5Z:    abstention


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