DNSO Names Council Teleconference on April 18th, 2000 - agenda

April 18th, 2000.

Date, time, phones and webcast
  1. The Names Council teleconference will be held on April 18th at the following time:

    (16:30 US East Coast, 22:30 CET, 5:30 Japan/Korea, 6:30 Melbourne)
        Local time between April 2nd and October, 2000.
        Reference (Coordinated Universal Time)     UTC         20:30
        California, USA                            UTC-8+1DST  13:30
        Missouri, USA                              UTC-6+1DST  15:30
        Washington DC, USA                   (EST) UTC-5+1DST  16:30
        Santiago, Chile                            UTC-4+0DST  16:30
        Buenos Aires, Argentina                    UTC-3+0DST  17:30
        Nouakchott, Mauritania                     UTC+0+0DST  20:30
        Dublin, Ireland                            UTC+0+1DST  21:30
        Brussels, Belgium                    (CET) UTC+1+1DST  22:30
        Barcelona, Spain                     (CET) UTC+1+1DST  22:30
        Frankfurt, Germany                   (CET) UTC+1+1DST  22:30
        Paris, France                        (CET) UTC+1+1DST  22:30
        Seoul, Korea                               UTC+9+0DST   5:30
        Tokyo, Japan                               UTC+9+0DST   5:30
        Melbourne, Australia                      UTC+10+0DST   6:30
        For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  2. Ken Stubbs is kindly providing the teleconference bridge

  3. The NC will not be webcast due to budget constraints. To listen to the NC telecon, please call the US phone number:

    TOLL: 212-287-1665
    PCODE: 4544
    Duration: APPROX 1 1/2 - 2 HOURS
    # of ports: 32 - 22 full participation, 10 listen only (LISTEN ONLY

    NC representatives will tell the operator their name, and then will be connected as a full participant (includes all attending Names Council members, DNSO Secretariat and ICANN staff). Those not on the NC representatives list will be able to listen only.

  4. Remote participants to the open NC meeting may send questions to webmaster@dnso.org

Agenda and related documents

Ken Stubbs will be chairing the NC teleconference.

  1. Discussion and adoption of agenda
  2. Minutes and Matters Arising
  3. Review of the current working group reports
  4. Independent Review Nominating Committee
  5. Yokohama schedule update
  6. Dates for NC teleconferences until Yokohama
  7. (one in May, one in June)

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