DNSO Names Council Teleconference on March 31th, 2000 - agenda

March 31th, 2000.

Date, time, phones and webcast
  1. The Names Council teleconference will be held on March 31th at the following time:

        NC Teleconference, March 31th, 2000, 2 hours, begins:
        Reference (Coordinated Universal Time)     UTC         13:30
        California, USA                            UTC-8+0DST   5:30
        Missouri, USA                              UTC-6+0DST   7:30
        Washington DC, USA                   (EST) UTC-5+0DST   8:30
        Ottawa, Canada                             UTC-5+0DST   8:30
        Santiago, Chile                            UTC-4+0DST   9:30
        Montevideo, Uruguay                        UTC-3+0DST  10:30
        Buenos Aires, Argentina                    UTC-3+0DST  10:30
        Nouakchott, Mauritania                     UTC+0+0DST  13:30
        Dublin, Ireland                            UTC+0+1DST  14:30
        Brussels, Belgium                    (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:30
        Barcelona, Spain                     (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:30
        Madrid, Spain                        (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:30
        Frankfurt, Germany                   (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:30
        Paris, France                        (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:30
        Seoul, Korea                               UTC+9+0DST  22:30
        Tokyo, Japan                               UTC+9+0DST  22:30
        Melbourne, Australia                      UTC+10+0DST  23:30
        For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  2. Ken Stubbs is kindly providing the teleconference bridge

  3. The NC will not be webcast due to budget constraints. To listen to the NC telecon, please call the US phone number:

     Conference ID#: 0003-270362
     Chairperson:  Ken Stubbs
     Call In #: +1-213-683-8900

    A restricted list of parties that are able to speak was created (includes all attending Names Council members and ICANN staff), all others to be placed on a listen only mode.

  4. Remote participants to the open NC meeting may send questions to webmaster@dnso.org

Agenda and related documents

Ken Stubbs will be chairing the NC teleconference.

  1. the discussion and adoption of the budget proposal sent to you for your perusal.
  2. discussion of our future role and relationship with the board and working groups
  3. future of working groups and review of the current working group process
  4. any other relevent items you all can think of

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