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[comments-whois] "Role" Accounts - and a test of the whois reporting form

The final report should address the proliferation of so-called "role
accounts" in the place of real names in whois contact data.

To take one example which I have submitted to the whois problem report form
at internic.net, the domain name iipa.com has, as its technical contact name,
"Hostmaster Role Account".  There can be no dispute that this technical
contact "name" falls into the category of "facially inaccurate" whois data,
since there is surely no person by that name.

Errors in Technical Contact Information:
"Hostmaster Role Account" is not a "name" of a technical contact.  The domain
name registration terms require the name of a technical contact.  Clearly
this should be a name and not a non-existent fictional entity.

The "technical contact name" is clearly and facially inaccurate, as there is
clearly no person by that name.  The domain name should be immediately
deleted for that reason.

It is surprising that a registrant which purports to be the "Intellectual
Property Alliance" would be engaged in using false or misleading whois data
in its own domain name registration.  We shall see if they update this
improper data within the required 15 days before deletion of iipa.com due to
the registrant's use of facially inaccurate whois data.

John Berryhill

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