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[comments-wgb] Support for the Sunrise Plus 20

My name is Petter Rindforth, IP/IT Lawyer and partner of L a Groth 6 Co, the largest trademark agency in Sweden.
I have read the Sunrise Plus Twenty proposal and - on behalf of my company and on my clients (such as L M Ericsson, Swedish Trade Council, Saab Automobile, Swedish Television, ABB / Asea Brown Boveri, Channel Four Sweden, Skanska, Telia / Swedish Telecom) I welcome this proposal with open arms!
A well known trademark is often the most valuable asset of a company and to be seen and well-protected on the Internet is extremely important to protect the goodwill of a certain trademark.
There is always a risk that new TLDs may become a playground for cybersquatters, but with the Sunrise Proposal Plus Twenty this risk can be reduced to an almost acceptable level.
I therefore strongly support the Proposal.
Yours sincerely,
Petter Rindforth, LLM
Head of Legal/IT Dept. of L A Groth & Co
Member of the FICPI Trademarks Group
Member of the INTA Special Internet Committee
Chair of the Swedish Board for Domain Name Regulations (NDR)