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[comments-wgb] Support for the Sunrise Plus 20

My name is J. Scott Evans.  I am a partner at Adams, Schwartz & Evans, P.A. a small intellectual property law firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our firm specializes in assisting small to medium-sized companies with intellectual property protection and enforcement.  I am a member of the Special Internet Committee for INTA and the Chairperson for the DNS Subcommittee which works on domain name related issues.
I have read the Sunrise Plus Twenty proposal recently posted on the WG B list serve.  I believe that this proposal is a good compromise between intellectual property interests and registrar interest.  This proposal offers a mechanism whereby the registrars can maintain the stability of the Internet during the introduction of new open gTLDs and still provide trademark owners with a modicum of protection to avoid the exploitation of the new gTLDs by those who only wish to profiteer off the labors of others.
It is my sincere hope that the Names Counsel will recommend this compromise position to the ICANN Board for action at its next Board meeting in Japan.
J. Scott Evans