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[comments-wgb] ServiceMaster Support of "Sunrise Plus Twenty" Proposal


     I am Vice President and Legal Counsel of The ServiceMaster Company
("ServiceMaster").  I am responsible for the portfolio of trademark and service
mark registrations, both domestic and foreign, belonging to The ServiceMaster
Company and its subsidiaries (together, "ServiceMaster").

     ServiceMaster is the proprietor of a large portfolio of trademark and
service mark registrations for famous marks, such as "ServiceMaster,"
"TruGreen," "ChemLawn," "TruGreen LandCare," "Terminix," "Merry Maids,"
"American Home Shield," and "Rescue Rooter," among others.

     ServiceMaster has faced numerous instances of cybersquatting and
infringement of its registered trademarks and service marks in gTLDs and on the

     ServiceMaster supports the implementation of a mechanism to minimize the
use of new TLDs to infringe upon established trademarks and service marks.
ServiceMaster would support the proposal entitled "Sunrise Plus Twenty."