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[comments-wgb] .WEB (important)

I feel that .web may have a monopoly as existing .web 'registrars' are
hurrying to PRE Register .web names

This is an atrocious act. Company after company are pre registering .web
TLD's and major conflicts are occuring. The same .WEB's are going to
multiple parties.

Many .web registrars are not acting appropriately. Please do NOT allow an
existing .web registrar to become the REGISTRY. This will create many
problems and lawsuits. The best way to approach this is to Create a
SEPERATE SRS (for the .web) ; this way there will be NO conflicts from
existing companies that are pre registering names that they give NO
guarantees the customer will ever receive!

ONE such company at www.webtld.com is already registering .web and charging
people's credit cards $30 

In my opinion this is ridiculous. There is no precedant for this and the
council has not even made clear rulings on the .web address


Concerned Patron.