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[comments-gtlds] Where is ICANN headed ?

@@@@ http://www.dnso.org/constituency/ncmembers.html

Provisional Names Council members elected by the "gtld" Constituency 
NorthA (.us) - Don Telage dont@netsol.com 
NorthA (.us) - David R. Johnson djohnson@wilmer.com 
NorthA (.us) - Phil Sbarbaro psbar@hanson-molloy.com 


To summarize...Richard Sexton, a Canadian software developer
and a person who has dedicated years to the Internet and to the
names business and Joop Teernstra, a New Zealander and very
active contributor in all of these matters have been denied spots
here in favor of Don Telage and NSI attorneys ?

....and then they are listed as "elected"...by whom ?

As a reminder, Don Telage and Phil Sbarbaro (along with
Kim Hubbard) were the initial Board of Directors of ARIN.
http://www.arin.net People claim that domain names do not
have anything to do with IP addresses. One should note the
heavy influence of RIPE on the ccTLD crowd via CENTR. I
am not sure what this IPO thing is all about.

@@@ http://www.centr.org/constpage/minutes/adcommins130799.html

"Theresa Swinhart (mci) working on IPO"


Meanwhile ICANN is helping the IETF to launch IPv6, with
little concern for the privacy issues of putting NIC card
addresses into the IPv6 address fields.

Jim Fleming