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[comments-gtlds] DNSO Names Council Teleconferences

@@@ http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/dnso/

July 27, 1999 Names Council Teleconference - in progress
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Begins at 9:30 Eastern Time
Archived Audio Recording Now Available


I am not sure why there are not clear links to these types of
calls from the ICANN and DNSO web sites.

I found it interesting that the first part of the call was for
a report from the ICANN Board Meeting and those types
of reports do not make their way to the ICANN web site.
It appears that some of the people involved directly and
indirectly with this monumental ICANN beauracracy, do
not think about the Internet as a first priority. It is no wonder
that people that do use the Internet have become

It appears that many people are MORE willing to participate
in traditional audio formats. It might be helpful if these calls
are transcribed into a textual format. If you would like to see
an example of this...I suggest the following...


Please note that not all people on the Internet can hear.
Yes, believe it or not, the Internet is inclusive by its nature
and handicapped people can attempt to participate as
equals. I realize that this might not seem fair to those
people who have worked their entire lives to step on the
disadvantaged to get ahead and to line their own pockets
with fortunes, but I will continue to point it out.

Continuing, I find some of the comments in the above
teleconference to be quite shocking. It is clear to me that
there is a group of new and naive people that have
apparently been told to blindly provide a sympathetic
ear to folks who, in my opinion, have a very simple agenda
which is to railroad the ISOC/IAHC structure through the ICANN.
Because this is now clear to a growing number of people,
I think that you will see less and less people participating
which in my opinion, will make ICANN less and less effective.

Thanks for your time...so long...

Jim Fleming