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[comments-deletes] Comments on the Final Report - WLS

Recommendation to deny the WLS:

  1. The ICANN board move with all haste to implement and actively enforce the proposed Redemptions Grace Period for Deleted Names policy and practice
  2. The ICANN Board reject Verisign's request to amend its agreement to enable it to introduce its proposed WLS.
  3. The ICANN Board reject Verisign's request to trial the WLS for 12 months.

I whole heartedly concur with the primary findings of the TF to deny the WLS.  I am in disagreement with the TF in regards to the alternatives.  Further study is recommended in regards to the loss of domains at the registrar and registrant levels due to instances identified in the report.
To do a trial WLS with a single-source provider is poor business practice.  Again, I strongly urge the TF investigate the actual instances in which case domains are lost prior to their standard expiration dates and recommend corrective actions to be taken at the registrar level.  If a single-source is to be utilized, then the TF should identify three potential providers that can be voted upon by the general public.
Glenn Wisbey
Wyztech Networking Solutions

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