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[comments-deletes] advice of petition

I would like to bring to the attention of the names council the petition at

This petition is mention in the public forum at http://forum.icann.org/wls/
where there is much opposition to WLS

The task force report while recommending against the WLS does not indicate
the opposition by the general public that ultimately would have to live with
such a system.

In a less than two weeks almost 2300 people have signed this petition, most
of them the actual end users, those that should be consulted in any bottoms
up process.  It is also worthy to note that even amongst registrars there is
opposition to the WLS.

AS consideration is given to the task force report, I would also ask that
the public opinion and the large numbers that have signed in the short time
this petition has been available, be considered.

Andrew McMeikan
Member of the Public.
Also a domain name holder.

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