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[registrars] NC Fees

These are the registrars that have paid the required Registrar Names Counsel
fees. If you have paid and do not appear on the list contact me. There are
one or two registrars that wired money but have had problems. I am working
with them to correct the problem.


wt-Resch Inst-Computer-Sakura Bank      $250.00
wt-Names Today/Bulk Register    $250.00
CORE/Stubbs     $250.00
Register.com    $250.00
Infonetworks    $250.00
Domain Bank     $250.00
PSI/Connelly    $250.00
NameSecure.com  $250.00
Webtrends       $250.00
Info Avenue     $250.00
All West        $250.00
A Technology Co.        $250.00
la Caixa - Barcelona    $250.00
Domain Registry $250.00
Interaccess     $250.00
wt - Mebourne IT        $250.00
Enom    $250.00
Netwk Solutions $250.00
Reacto - Kane   $250.00
America Online  $250.00
Tucows International Corp.      $250.00
The Name It Corp.       $250.00
Name Engine			$250
Wt- Virtual Internet		$250