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[registrars] NC Fees

A friendly reminder from your secretariat / treasurer that I have only
received payment from the following registrars in connection with the Names
Counsel fees. If you have paid and your company's name does not appear on
this list contact me as soon as possible. If you need a copy of the invoice
please contact me also.

Best regards,


Note (wt) = wire transfer

wt-Resch Inst-Computer-Sakura Bank	$250.00
wt-Names Today/Bulk Register	$250.00
CORE/Stubbs	$250.00
Register.com	$250.00
Infonetworks	$250.00
Domain Bank	$250.00
PSI/Connelly	$250.00
NameSecure.com	$250.00
Webtrends	$250.00
Info Avenue	$250.00
All West	$250.00
A Technology Co.	$250.00
la Caixa - Barcelona (Interdomain)	$250.00
Domain Registry	$250.00
Interaccess	$250.00
wt - Mebourne IT	$250.00
Enom 	$250.00
Netwk Solutions	$250.00
Reacto - Kane	$250.00
American Online	$250.00
TUCOWS	$250.00