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Re: [registrars] WG-B Idea - Thumbs up or Thumbs down

At 15:31 06-05-2000 -0400, Tom Barrett wrote:
>I wonder if new ideas would surface if we took the perspective of the second
>camp--the applicant.  How do we prevent innocent domain name applicants from
>putting themselves into a potentially litigious situation?  While UDRP
>exists to handle disputes, are we putting into place the right checks or
>systems to prevent disputes in the first place?

Dear Tom:

I like your idea.

I also like new ideas.  When caught on the horns of a dilemma, we are 
taught, we may be missing a third option.

Mine was to let the list of famous names be self administered -- leave it 
to those who think they have a famous trademark, submit proof of their X 
number of registrations in Y regions with Z countries per region and we 
have a list.  No one to sue if they don't make the cut -- only themselves.

They may even have time now to go out and prove up on additional registrations.

Regards, BobC