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Re: [registrars] Dan Halloran Joins ICANN as Registrar Liaison

At 10:34 AM 5/4/00 +1000, Peter Gerrand wrote:
>Hi Louis
>Very good news that you now have a full-time staff member in this role .
>At 01:39 PM 5/3/00 -0700, Louis Touton wrote:
>>To the registrars:
>>I am pleased to announce that this week Dan Halloran joined ICANN in the
>>position of Registrar Liaison.  Dan will be responsible for handling
>>applications for accreditation as well as issues concerning compliance
>>with the requirements of your accreditation agreements.  Until now,
>>these tasks have been handled variously by Andrew McLaughlin, Joan
>>Wasylenki, and me.
>>Dan can be reached at:
>>    halloran@icann.org
>>    +1/310/823-9358 ext. 22
>>Please do not hesitate to call him directly on accreditation and
>>compliance issues; in his absence you should continue to feel free
>>to call me.
>>Best regards,
>>Louis Touton
>Peter Gerrand
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