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[registrars] Re: Too much noise from Canada indeed

At 22:07 25-04-2000 -0400, Timothy Denton wrote:
>Your dyspeptic remarks are noted, for what they are worth. It should not be
>necessary to remark that the Internet is a world wide system of
>communication. "Too much noise from Canada" indeed. Try to imagine what you
>sound like!

Dear Tim:

I thought you attorneys were supposed to have a thicker skin than that.

We had a joint meeting between the American Chamber of Commerce and French 
Chamber of Commerce yesterday at which Mme. Christie Lagarde was the 
speaker.  She's the new ChairMAN of the Baker and McKenzie Executive 
Committee.  She gave us some interesting perspectives on the personalities 
of attorneys (not to say that *she* said they have a thick skin).

You speak of yourself as "Chairman".  ("Mostly my job as chairman was to 
let everyone have a say when fundamental disagreement existed between 
strong minded people.")  I am not aware that the Registrar Constituency has 
any officer other than our Secretariat.  Certainly, I was not expecting an 
outside consultant of one Accredited Registrar to assume the gavel.

I will oppose further ad hoc meetings at which one member brings in a 
consultant "mouthpiece" other than to participate -- not lead -- the 

No offence, it's the nature of our peculiar institution.

Cordially, BobC