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[registrars] WG-B Update

I believe I have demonstrated since the inception of this constituency to be
a man of principle who always represents the best interests of this
constituency.  I regret that TUCOWS and their legal representative Mr.
Denton believe that I have some how sold you out. The sunrise proposal that
the IPC has adopted is almost identical to the proposal we adopted in a
telephone conference prior to Cairo.  In addition, Mr. Denton has failed to
mention that the majority of the traffic on the WG-B list in opposition to
the Sunrise proposal are the SAME EXACT people that OPPOSED the UDRP.

In addition to my posts to the list, I have been in contact with a number of
registrars to keep them apprised of the developing situation. The fact
remains that the original WIPO and IPC proposal involved a system where we
received ZERO ($0) compensation and were required to employ filtering
software ($$$ + potential liability).  The current proposal allows us to be
equitably compensated while at the same time working with the IPC to create
a better dialog.  For those that would like to read my report I have
enclosed it for your review.

I believe that the actions of the Names Council today are another important
step in the controlled responsible growth of the name space.

If anyone has any problems please do not hesitate to contact as usual.

Michael D. Palage