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[registrars] NC Statement on new gTLDs

We have made real progress this evening..... Statement attached.

Well done Ken for keeping the debate on track and for Erica for trying
to expedite the voting process.

Good night!!


The Names Council determines that the report of Working Group C and
related comments indicate that there exists a consensus for the
introduction of new gTLDs in a measured and responsible manner. The
Names Council therefore recommends to the ICANN Board that it establish
a policy for the introduction of new gTLDs in a measured and responsible
manner, giving due regard in the implementation of that policy to 
(a) promoting orderly registration of names during the initial phases; 
(b) minimizing the use  of gTLDs to carry out infringements of
intellectual property rights; and 
(c) recognizing the need for ensuring user confidence in the technical
operation of the new TLD and the DNS as a whole.

Because there is no recent experience in introducing new gTLDs, we
recommend to the Board that a limited number of new top-level domains be
introduced initially and that the future introduction of additional
top-level domains be done only after careful evaluation of the initial
introduction. The Names Council takes note of the fact that the WG C
report indicates that  several types of domains should be considered in
the initial introduction,  these being: fully open top-level domains,
restricted and chartered top-level domains with limited scope,
non-commercial domains and personal domains. Implementation should
promote competition in the domain-name registration business at the
registry and registrar levels. The Names Council recognizes that any
roll-out must not jeopardize the stability of the Internet, and assumes
a responsible process for introducing new gTLDs, which includes ensuring
that there is close coordination with organizations dealing with
Internet protocols and standards.

To assist the Board in the task of introducing new gTLDs, the Names
Council recommends that the ICANN staff invite expressions of interest
from parties seeking to operate any new gTLD registry, with an
indication as to how they propose to ensure to promote these values.

We would like to extend our deep appreciation to the substantial number
of participants who worked so diligently in Working Groups B and C, and
want to thank them for their significant efforts in evaluating the
issues that were referred to them.  Recognizing the Working Group C has
recently approved additional principles and that Working Group B's
formal report was provided to us yesterday, we advise the Board that we
will be providing supplemental recommendations in the near future.