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Re: [registrars] Code of Conduct

Collignon Francois wrote:

> We ask only that this code of conduct will be the same for everybody with
> these conditions:
> 1) all Icann accredited registrars must subscribe to registrars constituency
> and pay contribution

May I suggest the Code of conduct or "Best Practice" should be drafted to be
commercially attractive.  All registrars adhering to it can  place a "Kite" mark
on their site and consumers can be confident of an excellent level of service.

Such an approach will draw Accredited Registrars to follow the best practice and
join the Constituency, without having to mandate it.  Compliance becomes
self-fulfilling and responsive to customer demands rather than regulation, which
frequently becomes laborious and a challenge to enforce.

What is not clear to me is what key areas should the Best Practice consider....
from a brief reading of mails to date:

Application form
Data Mining
Duration of Registrations
Constituency funding
Correcting processing errors
Recovering costs from cancelled/charge back registrations.
Registrar internal communication.
Issuance/withdrawl of Kite mark
Process of modification to BP

Have I missed and area?? Are there any other terms of reference to be

I believe it is more important for us rather than ICANN to propose/introduce
best practice, using our experience to drive quality of service(s)...