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[registrars] Code of Conduct

I would like to thank Jeff, Richard, Erica and the other registrars that
have taken the initiative to start moving the ball forward with the Code of
Conduct. Listed below are the points that I have collected and which we
discussed in Cairo. If Jeff or someone else could incorporate these bullet
points into a draft of the Code of Conduct I think we will be making some

(1) Whois - availability and possible standardization of data
(2) Escrow data - reliable third agents, potential standardization, process,
(3) Warehousing of domain names for the primary purpose of resale, i.e. not
credit card charge back issues
(4) Hijacking of Domain Names - availability checks by one party and
consequent name registrations by another party for on-selling to the first
(5) Correcting Registrar processing errors. What happens when a domain name
is accidentally released and then registered by a third party. Under NSI's
registration agreement there are no vested rights in the domain name for 30
days. How can we establish a process to remedy these problems and indemnify
the parties.
(6) Credit policies

Not to sound like a lawyer, but as a constituency we must make sure that
this Code of Conduct does not run afoul of any anti-trust concerns. As our
industry continues to mature we must be sensitive to the fact that the large
market caps of our members will draw the scrutiny of certain members of the
plaintiff bar.