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[registrars] My favorite trademarks.

Dear Michael:

Serutan:  A laxative from the '30's;  "Nature's Way", "Natures" spelled 

Sdrawkcab:  Backwards spelled backwards.


A word to the wise:   If someone sends you an Email with a large
number of addresses in the "CC:" field, those names can very easily
get into the hands of bulk Email merchants.   Unsolicited bulk Email
is known as "spamming".  Recently, I received a spam message
offering us software which would take all our Email and extract
the various addresses from it so it would be used in sending
spam messages.  The vendor would even purchase the output
from his software to further enhance his spamming business.

It is therefore considered very bad practice to put large lists
in the CC: field.  They should be put in the "BCC:" field.  "BCC"
stands for "blind courtesy copy".  (If you're old enough to remember
the typewriter, in those far distant days it meant "blind carbon copy".)
I often send Email to myself as the vehicle for sending to a list which
is in the BCC: field.

By the way (BTW in Internet jargon), spamming is against the
rules of the Internet.  Legitimate Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
will cut off the service of their clients if they continue to send
spams after a reasonable warning.

Bob Connelly