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[registrars] Teleconference Timing

As a constituency still experiencing growing pains let me explain the choice
of time with regard to the selection of the teleconference times.  As a
constituency we have ZERO funds. The $250 invoiced to date is for NC fees.
As discussed in Cairo we are going to have to raise some fee so that the
constituency can adequately support itself. On this subject Bruce Beckwith
(NSI) is helping with estimating the costs associated with teleconferences
and Clive Flory (Melbourne IT) has volunteered to help in establishing a
budget. Until such time that there are adequate funds in the constituency
coffer the registrar sponsoring the teleconference gets to select the timing
of the event. In this case NSI has graciously offered to sponsor this
teleconference. Because there is another teleconferenced scheduled with the
intellectual property constituency at 2PM Friday afternoon, Friday morning
was the only option. The time is Friday 8:30 AM EST. I will be sending
notification out to those registrars that have expressed an interest in this
teleconference later today.

It is important that we not lose focus on these important issues (WG-B &
WG-C) as we stand on the brink of expanding the domain name space and
providing our respective customers with what they have been asking for over
the past couple of years.

Bob your concerns about time zone diversity/sensitivity are valid and duly
noted. I encourage you to continue the membership drive and increase
participation.  Only when the constituency is adequately funded will we be
able to address the time concerns of all registrars