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RE: [registrars] Teleconference Timing

Subject: [registrars] Teleconference Timing

I share Bob's concern about timing issues and suggest that, for future
reference, we agree that teleconferences should be held either at 16:30 or
17.30 EST (which is 09:30/10.30 in Melbourne the following day).
Except in exceptional circumstances, it is just not appropriate to schedule
metings for the early hours of the morning.

Having said that, I'd like to thank Michael and congratulate him on the
tremendous job he has done in progressing  issues for the Registrars
constituency.  It is very important that we keep up the pressure and move
forward on the creation of new gTLD's and the resolution of associated IP
issues.  I would like to see the NC clearly give its support the creation of
new gTLDs before the ICANN meeting in June so that we can better meet our
customers needs in a timely manner.
To help achieve this, I'll be there in the early hours of the morning for
the next teleconference - but please don't make me do it on a regular