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At 09:26 15-03-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Because this mailing list is visible to the general public, I will not be
>posting the teleconference details publicly.  If you would like to
>participate in this teleconference tentatively scheduled for Friday morning
>please notify me via e-mail.

Dear Michael:

It bothers me that you continue to set up teleconferences in the morning 
Eastern Time.

In the winter, there is only *one* reasonably acceptable time for all 
registrars, 16:30 EST.  That makes it 09:30 in Melbourne the following day.

Right now, 08:00 EST is midnight in Melbourne.  With Ms. Roberts on the NC, 
I don't think we should be excluding participation from down under:-(

Regards, BobC