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At 09:26 15-03-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Because this mailing list is visible to the general public, I will not be
>posting the teleconference details publicly.  If you would like to
>participate in this teleconference tentatively scheduled for Friday morning
>please notify me via e-mail.

Dear Registrars:

For your convenience in scheduling the timing of teleconferences which 
involve parties all over the globe, please refer to the following 
charts.  The upper chart is for Northern Hemisphere Summer, the lower for 
Northern Hemisphere winter.  As you get near the start of end of U.S. 
Daylight Savings Time, there is nothing definite;-{

Some potentially acceptable times are shown in color.  ASAICS, there is 
only one acceptable time during U.S. Standard Time.