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As mentioned in my e-mail WG-B and C are being moved forward at a rather
swift pace and it is important that we finalize our position as registrars.
I discussed with Phil Sbarbaro the events of last week and we believe that
it would be in the registrars' best interest to have a teleconference call
to crystallize our position. Despite the progress of last week there are
still portions of the IPC that are advocating the use of filters as part of
the ongoing registration process. The technical, financial and legal
implications of filters are well known and we would like to formalize our
concerns on these points.

Because this mailing list is visible to the general public, I will not be
posting the teleconference details publicly.  If you would like to
participate in this teleconference tentatively scheduled for Friday morning
please notify me via e-mail.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage