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[registrars] NC Election & Invoice

Two issues that are important and need to be addressed.

First, there is one registrar that claims he/she had submitted a vote that I
did not record. I am awaiting verification from that representative that
he/she did in fact vote.  Until this issue can be resolved I will delay the
run-off election. I should have an answer by end of business (EST) tomorrow.

Second. I have been informed that the registrar constituency in delinquent
in its NC dues. Therefore, we need to collect the registrar constituency
dues that Ken has estimated at $300 per registrar. I will prepare an invoice
for accounting purposes. Please make this check out to ICANN and sent to my
office. My address is InfoNetworks - Attention Michael Palage - 6650
Indiantown Road, Suite 210, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA.   Look for a formal
invoice to be posted to the list before end of business tomorrow. Our NC
reps have been taking heat for our failure to contribute our fair share to