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[registrars] SLA - Decision Time

I would like feedback on the following issue. The SLA Task Force working in
conjunction with NSI "the registry" drafted a SLA which was circulated among
the list a few weeks back. After the initial circulation there was some
concerns raised by a couple of registrars that this agreement was not
adequate enough.  The crossroads which we are now at requires us to either
accept this SLA with the current built in re-negotiation periods at the
initial 6 month mark and then annually thereafter, or forego any SLA until
such time that more accurate metrixs can be defined.

Your choices:
(1) Adopted the SLA in its current form with a re-evaluation at a 6 month
Pros: We have something to start with as opposed to nothing; the majority of
the Task Force thought it was an acceptable first try with the condition
that it be revisited at the designated periods of time
Cons: Once you establish a benchmark it will be difficult to raise the bar;
(2) Enter into no agreement until further comparative metrixs can be
Pros: It will allow for a more accurate measurement of what the SLA should
be. A significant amount of consumer complaints have involved
SRS downtime and other performance issues
Cons: There will be no SLA in place to hold NSI accountable.
(3) Abstain

If you could respond as quickly as possible I would greatly appreciate it.



P.S. I will be circulating a draft agenda item for the Cairo meeting
shortly. Any topics that people would like to see addressed please forward
them to me.