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[registrars] Additional Cairo Information

EGYPT - *Passport and visa required. Tourist visa, valid 1 month, requires
$15 fee (cash or money order), 1 application
form, and 1 photo. Enclose prepaid envelope for return of passport by
certified mail. Proof of yellow fever immunization
required if arriving from infected area. AIDS test required for workers and
students staying over 30 days. Register with local
authorities or at hotel within 7 days of arrival. For additional information
consult Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 3521
International Court, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008 (202/895-5400) or nearest
Consulate General: CA (415/346-9700), IL
(312/828-9162), NY (212/759-7120), or TX (713/961-4915). Internet home
page - http://www.interoz.com/egypt

Information obtained from: http://travel.state.gov/foreignentryreqs.html

There are certain vaccinations that I have been told that doctors are also
recommending. Jeff Field could you provide that information to the group. I
have already spoken with a couple of registrars that will be taking a tour
of the pyramids,  please let me know if you are interested. One of the INTA
employees just returned from a 10 day trip to Cairo and has recommended some
must see points of interest.