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Re: [registrars] Asia Pacific Representation

i would like to second the nomination of erica roberts

ken stubbs
----- Original Message ----- 
From: Richard Lindsay <richard@interq.ad.jp>
To: Registrar Constituency <Registrars@dnso.org>
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 4:39 AM
Subject: [registrars] Asia Pacific Representation

> Greetings Fellow Registrars,
> A quick reminder, I will be forced to step down from the Names
> Council on the 15th of this month (since I am not a citizen
> of the region I represent.)
> I would like to nominate Erica Roberts from Melbourne IT
> to replace me.  As many of you know, she served as a
> proxy for Amadeu during the ICANN Board elections on the
> Names Council, so already has experience on the NC.
> I intend to continue to serve the Registrar Constituency
> in any capacity possible.  Further, I would like to ask the
> Secretariat to set up elections as soon as possible to formally
> fill the two seats vacated by Amadeu and myself.
> Best regards,
> Richard