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RE: [registrars] [Fwd: [council] Reminder about DNSO constituency deadlines on geographic diversity]

Does this mean that a non-American citizen (Asian) residing in the U.S.
would be OK for this representative position?  It seems like if you are
prohibited from serving, this situation would be OK.

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> Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 1999 1:36 AM
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> Subject: Re: [registrars] [Fwd: [council] Reminder about DNSO
> constituency deadlines on geographic diversity]
> At 15:22 28-12-1999 +0900, Richard Lindsay wrote:
> >Fellow Registrars,
> >
> >Failing a last minute change to the ICANN bylaws (not likely!) as of
> >the 15th of January, we will have only one elected NC representative.
> >Since I am an American citizen, I am not able to represent the Asia
> >Pacific region.
> Dear Richard and ICANN:
> I think it's ridiculous for ICANN to let the GAC thumb their nose
> at ICANN
> -- and still ICANN stick to this ridiculous "rule".
> I have clearly shown that they were out of their head, out to lunch, or
> controlled by their hidden agendas.  The essential item is for the NC
> member to be knowledgeable about the Internet in the region they
> represent.  Citizenship is only secondary to knowing the territory.
> Would we put up with a citizen of one of the myriad nations in the AP
> region -- who lived outside the region?  Certainly now.  Could we be just
> as well served by a resident of the region who is not a citizen
> here?  Why not?
> The music man had a number about that, "But he doesn't know the
> territory".
> Something must be done to get this travesty of justice reversed.
> Here were
> the only Constituency which is supporting ICANN and we get this sort of
> stuff from them;-{
> BobC
> >I suggest we hold elections for the 2 vacant NC seats in the week of
> >the 10th of January such that we will be able to meet the deadline
> >imposed by the ICANN board.  If anyone has questions about the
> >"job requirements" or what kind of time commitment is required please
> >feel free to ask Ken Stubbs or myself.  It is a mostly thankless job,
> >but not entirely without at least philosophical rewards :-)
> >
> >Best regards, and happy holidays,
> >Richard