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Re: [registrars] [Fwd: [council] Reminder about DNSO constituency deadlines on geographic diversity]

At 15:22 28-12-1999 +0900, Richard Lindsay wrote:
>Fellow Registrars,
>Failing a last minute change to the ICANN bylaws (not likely!) as of
>the 15th of January, we will have only one elected NC representative.
>Since I am an American citizen, I am not able to represent the Asia
>Pacific region.

Dear Richard and ICANN:

I think it's ridiculous for ICANN to let the GAC thumb their nose at ICANN 
-- and still ICANN stick to this ridiculous "rule".

I have clearly shown that they were out of their head, out to lunch, or 
controlled by their hidden agendas.  The essential item is for the NC 
member to be knowledgeable about the Internet in the region they 
represent.  Citizenship is only secondary to knowing the territory.

Would we put up with a citizen of one of the myriad nations in the AP 
region -- who lived outside the region?  Certainly now.  Could we be just 
as well served by a resident of the region who is not a citizen here?  Why not?

The music man had a number about that, "But he doesn't know the territory".

Something must be done to get this travesty of justice reversed.  Here were 
the only Constituency which is supporting ICANN and we get this sort of 
stuff from them;-{


>I suggest we hold elections for the 2 vacant NC seats in the week of
>the 10th of January such that we will be able to meet the deadline
>imposed by the ICANN board.  If anyone has questions about the
>"job requirements" or what kind of time commitment is required please
>feel free to ask Ken Stubbs or myself.  It is a mostly thankless job,
>but not entirely without at least philosophical rewards :-)
>Best regards, and happy holidays,