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Re: [registrars] Deep Thoughts re: NSI Agreement

What is it that sucks?

Esther Dyson

At 12:22 pm 10/13/1999 -0400, Matthew Cockman wrote:
>Fellow Registrars:
>I have been chewing on this new registrar agreement. My legal opinion: It
>totally sucks.
>The agreement is bad not only in what it says, but what is doesn't say. Some
>of you know that AIT (the parent company of Name-IT) is prepared to take the
>lead on a legal solution, if a political solution doesn't work. Shortly I
>will distribute a marked up copy of the agreement articulating why it is
>absolutely essential that this agreement be fixed -- preferably with ICANN's
>consent and endorsement.
>I worry that ICANN's financial woes, in view of NSI's plan to throw in $1.5
>million, doesn't somehow make the less desireable aspects of the agreement a
>little more palatable.
>I am not trying make trouble here. But, everyone of us, as registrars, will
>be the most profoundly affected group, as a result of the egregious terms of
>the agreement.
>Let us all resolve to do what is not only in OUR best interests, but what is
>in the best interests of the Internet community.
>Hope to see all of you in L.A.
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