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[registrars] Deep Thoughts re: NSI Agreement

Fellow Registrars:

I have been chewing on this new registrar agreement. My legal opinion: It
totally sucks.

The agreement is bad not only in what it says, but what is doesn't say. Some
of you know that AIT (the parent company of Name-IT) is prepared to take the
lead on a legal solution, if a political solution doesn't work. Shortly I
will distribute a marked up copy of the agreement articulating why it is
absolutely essential that this agreement be fixed -- preferably with ICANN's
consent and endorsement.

I worry that ICANN's financial woes, in view of NSI's plan to throw in $1.5
million, doesn't somehow make the less desireable aspects of the agreement a
little more palatable.

I am not trying make trouble here. But, everyone of us, as registrars, will
be the most profoundly affected group, as a result of the egregious terms of
the agreement.

Let us all resolve to do what is not only in OUR best interests, but what is
in the best interests of the Internet community.

Hope to see all of you in L.A.


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