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Re: [registrars] Board elections

Fellow Registrars,

I would like to echo Amadeu's message.  Since he will
be running for the ICANN Board, he will not be voting
on the Names Council.  We have been discussing who will
be his proxy, and will post that information soon.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss support
for a particular candidate for the board.  The elections
will be going on all next week (from Monday to Friday)
and will be conducted in rounds.   There will be quite a
lot of competition I believe, so we must accept the
possibility that we will have to vote for compromise
candidates (if our favorites are eliminated in early

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards,

Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just wnated to inform you that I have finally accepted the nomintion
> to the ICANN Board and I am therefore running for one of the three
> seats allocated to the DNSO.
> This mans, form a practical point of view, that I cannot participate
> in the election within the NC.
> If I am reappointed by you as a /this time permanent) Names Council
> representative for the Registrars Consituency then e will need to
> apoont a temporary ssubstitute, just for  the elections. In case I am
> both relected as Regsitrar rep within the NC "and" DNSO Director to
> the ICANN Board, then I whould immdaitly resing form the NC and we
> should run a new, partial election.
> It is unfortuante that the results of our elections have not yet been
> bamde offical so we don't know who is taking part on our behalf (the
> elctions have strated three hours aog; the first round will last until
> tomorrow 16:00GNY,). As son as our Secretariat provides the result we
> will know who will take part, and whther a replacemnt for me is needed
> or not.
> OTOH, I enourage you all to proviede your views about who the best
> chocies for the Board would be. Taking into account that we need
> geographical diversity, consituency or "interst" diversity but also
> people that could be close to our common interests and points ov view.