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[registrars] Temporary replacement for the NC

[reposted, as I have apparently misspelled the lst name. Not a surpirse....]

 as I wrote yesterday, we needed to appoint a temporary replacement
for the NC during the Board elections next week, as I have been
elected as permanent BC rep, but cannot participate in that vote
because I am also running for the Board.

As it was impossible to organize a proper election for just that week,
we were advised by the Board and NC that the best way to handle this
was appointing the repalcemnt by the re-elected NC reps plus the Secretariat.

Iam glad to announce that the person taking my place for this week
will be Dr. Erica Roberts, form MelbourneIT. Most of you wil know
alradey know her form prious ICANN and IFWP meetings.

Erica's role will be only to take part on the elections on behalf of
our consituency, that will unti next Friday. At that moment she will
step down. In case I am not elected to the Board, I will ake my place
on the NC again. In case I am appointed to the Board, I will resign
form the NC, as required, and the consituency should orgnaise a new,
parital election in order to elect another NC rep.

Best regards,