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[registrars] Re: Drafting Committee Report

Hello - - in the interest of keeping everyone as informed as possible on the activities of the drafting committee, I would like to report the following.  

As I noted previously, due to time constraints, registrars participating in the conference call on Friday discussed only the draft Policy and did not comment on the draft Rules.  Accordingly, a call was scheduled for 9:00 EST on Tuesday September 28 to go over the Rules.  

On Friday, I advised Louis Touton of the progress and substance of the registrars' comments, and informed him of the Tuesday call.  I also told Louis that the registrars participating on the Friday call were somewhat disappointed at the relatively small participation rate, and attributed it to the very short notice period.  We thus scheduled the next call for Tuesday with the hope that more notice would facilitate a greater participation rate.

Louis informed me today that he had decided to post the Policy and the Rules for public comment tomorrow, Monday night, notwithstanding that he would not have received the registrar comments by that time, and notwithstanding my adamant objection to this process.  I requested that at a minimum, he clearly indicate when posting the Rules that it had not been reviewed by, and thus was not consented to by, the registrar constituency.  

I suggest that we proceed with the Tuesday call as planned, but wanted everyone to understand the process that is unfolding.
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