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[registrars] Names Council Nomination

Ross Wm. Rader, Director, eCommerce - TUCOWS.com Inc. (Domain Direct)

Fellow Registrars,

Please consider this self nomination for the upcoming Names Council election.

I am seeking election to the Name Council in order to best represent the
interests of smaller registrars - both in North America and throughout the
world. I feel strongly that the future of this industry lies not with the large
players that continually attract the media attention, but with the smaller
firms that account for the represent an overwhelming percentage of domain
registrations. Today this includes Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting
firms, domain name resellers and value added resellers - which account for the
vast majority of ICANN accredited registrars today. 

My experience within these sectors combined with the interests represented by
my firm's network of affiliates makes me specially suited to provide a
reasonable voice concerning issues faced by firms such as mine at the Names
Council level.

About Ross Wm. Rader

I am the director of eCommerce for TUCOWS.com Inc. one of the busiest Web
content services in the world. TUCOWS currently has solid relationships with
over 700 ISP affiliates throughout the world through our extensive affiliate
relations program.

In addition to my primary responsibility overseeing the strategic development
of our eCommerce initiatives, I am the business manager for Domain
Direct. an ICANN accreditated registrar. We currently provide service to over
50,000 domain holders throughout the world. Lately, I have been very active in
with the various issues surrounding ICANN and it's efforts to bring competition
to the current gTLDs as well as the creation of new ones through DNSO's Working
Group C.

Prior to my career with TUCOWS, I was the Director of Marketing with Internet
Direct Canada Ltd., Canada's largest independently held Internet Service
Provider, from September 1994 through May 1999.

I am involved with a multitude of industry groups such as CAIP (Canadian
Association of Internet Service Providers), CDNR (Coalition of Domain Name
Registrars) and am a founding director of RISC (Responsible Internet Service
Companies). Further, I maintain an extensive speaking schedule throughout the
year at a variety of industry events.

I am a Canadian citizen currently residing in Toronto, Canada. TUCOWS.com is a
privately held Delaware corporation with offices in Toronto, New York,
Philadelphia and Flint.

If anyone has any questions concerning my views or this nomination, please feel
free to contact me through any of the venues below.


Ross Wm. Rader
Director, eCommerce
TUCOWS.com Inc.
t. (416) 239-9095 x 335
f. (416) 239-8409