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Re: [registrars] LA meeting


One of the reasons for having the Constituencies meet on
Monday not Tuesday, is that there was general consensus
among the Names Council members that the NC should meet
before the ICANN board meetings, not after.  The logical
flow should be then:

1. Constituencies
2. General Assembly (working groups inc.)
3. Names Council
4. ICANN board meetings

Since the ICANN board meeting starts on Wednesday, there is
only Monday and Tuesday, and the general thought was that
it would be difficult to schedule all 3 DNSO related meetings
(constituency, GA and NC) in one day.  So the thought was to
have the Constituency meetings on Monday (perhaps late
afternoon would still give us enough time.)

I support having the Registrars meet on Monday if at all possible.

For me the whole week is basically shot anyway :-)
(at least flying from Japan!)

Best regards,

Maryann McCormick wrote:

> Amadeu,
> For the LA Registrar Constiuency meeting I'll  make that two for Tuesday.  I can
> make late Monday afternoon if necessary.
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