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[registrars] NC Nomination

Fellow Registrars,

As you heard from Michael, I will be running in the Names Council
elections as a representative from North America.  I believe I can serve
the constituency well, and would like the opportunity to do so.  Please
see my bio below.  I have also forwarded it on to Michael for posting on
the DNSO web site.

If anyone would like to speak with me about my background or
qualifications in greater detail, please email me at
rforman@register.com or call me at (212)798-9154.

Best regards,

Nomination of Richard Forman, President and CEO of register.com, to the
DNSO Names Council

About register.com

Register.com is an accredited domain name registrar.  Since being
selected as one of the five test-bed registrars by ICANN in April 1999,
register.com was the first registrar to go live in registering .com,
.net and .org domain names alongside Network Solutions, Inc.
Register.com also registers a variety of ccTLDs, among them .md, .co.uk,
.co.org, .tf, .ac, .ms., .vg, .tc, .gs, and .ky.

Register.com has demonstrated its technical and managerial capabilities
by becoming one of the test bed registrars.  The company has been
involved with the IFWP (International Task Force for the White Paper)
process, familiar with the Boston Working Group and a consistent
attendee at most of the ICANN open meetings.

Register.com began to process domain name registration requests in
February of 1998 and forwarded these requests onto Network Solutions,
Inc. at no charge to the customer.  During 1998 and through the first
five (5) months of 1999, the Company believes that it was one of the
largest forwarder of domain name registration requests to Network
Solutions, Inc.

Commitment to Deregulation

Given the company’s unique position as the first competitor in the
domain name registration market, register.com is committed to
responsibly and intelligently furthering the deregulation process as
well as the stable growth of the industry.  Richard Forman’s belief is
that competition will help the domain registration market grow and
develop to the benefit of all registrars through the introduction of new
business models and services.  To this end, the Company has attempted to
establish a working relationship with both Network Solutions, Inc. and

As a member of the Names Council, Mr. Forman would continue to advance
the shared mission of all registrars to make domain registration widely
accessible to the public while maintaining high quality, reliable and
available services.  In leading a company that is both a small start-up
and an industry leader, Mr. Forman’s experience puts him in an ideal
position to represent a wide range of registrars’ concerns and aid in
the advancement of effective policy proposals as part of the Names

Richard Forman:  Personal Background

Richard D. Forman is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of
register.com, a firm he co-founded in 1994.  Previously, Mr. Forman
worked as a consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. where he
consulted to Fortune 500 companies on over twenty projects.  These
projects included strategy, operations and systems assignments for
telecommunications firms, automotive manufacturers, investment banks and
media companies.  Prior to Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc., Richard Forman
worked as an intern with Motorola, General Motors, Inc. and Lehman
Brothers Kuhn & Loeb, Inc.

Mr. Forman is a 1987 Cum Laude graduate of the University of
Pennsylvania’s Management and Technology Program, and earned a BS in
Economics from the Wharton School and a BS in Electrical Engineering
from the Moore School.  At Penn, Mr. Forman was elected to Eta Kappa Nu
(an electrical engineering honor society), Tau Beta Pi (an engineering
honor society), Hexagon (a senior society) and was the Chairman of the
University’s branch of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic