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[registrars] Santiago Chile Meeting Agenda

As interim secretariat I thought it would be beneficial to the group to
suggest a proposed agenda for the Santiago Chile Registrar Constituency
meeting. Topics which I believe need to be discussed include: the testbed
registration or as much as NSI's NDA will permit :); transfer procedures and
fees; the uniform dispute policy; the voluntary payment of the ICANN fee;
and the permanent elections for NC and secretariat.

Any other recommendations please forward them to me or the list.  These are
only recommendations to make the limited time we have in the morning session
the most productive.

I have also asked Bob Connelly to provide me with some rules by which we can
run the meetings. I believe the meeting in Berlin sometimes got off track.
If anyone else has some sample rules please forward them to me so that I can
circulate them among the group and reach some type of consensus as to how to
run the meeting.