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[registrars] [Fwd: [council] Request for constituencies web sites and mailing lists archives]

I am not sure if we have worked on our web site yet have we?
If not, I may be able to work something up rather quickly if
I could have all the most recent documentation.  

Michael, could you either send me a text copy of the most recent
Constituency bylaws (is that what they are?) or perhaps convert
it into html and send it to the DNSO secrectariat?

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I just received this message from Jean-Michel Becar.

Please consider it within your constituency.

I have to rectify -- the cctld constituency website is referenced,
but Jean-Michel remarks remain for others. I just added in
registrars page the information on registrars@dnso.org archives
-- as I was told at least twice by Amadeu that they are public.


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> Elisabeth,
> Please find here my concerns about the constituencies web sites and mailing
> list archives on the dnso web site.
> It seems that only the Business constituency has put in place its web site,
> so we can say there is a lack of communication from the constituencies. As
> ICANN *must* be an open process and many people try to fight against ICANN
> using that is not an open process, I think  that the NC should urge or ask
> to the constituencies to come on ilne ASAP even with just a simple page with
> a list of their members and an archive to their mailing list.
> Hope the next NC meeting will take into consideration that point before
> people notice that lack of openess. 
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