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[registrars] committee D -- constituency participation


I would like to volunteer for Committee D.

I am new to this list, so allow me to first introduce myself to everyone on
the list:

I just joined Netnames International as Global CEO just over two months ago.
I am based out of New York.  Ivan Pope is now Chairman of the company.
Previously, I was with Thomson & Thomson, a trademark and copyright research
company, where I was responsible for all of their internet development.
While at Thomson & Thomson (T&T), I launched web services under various
brand names:  SAEGIS is a subscription-based service for lawyers for
searching trademarks, domain names and web sites.  The SAEGIS technology for
searching confusing-similar names is, I believe, the most advanced in the

I also launched a domain name country-code registration service and
Namestake, a real-time trademark searching service for domain name
applicants.  Unfortunately, it was too good and T&T decided to merge it into
SAEGIS this spring.  Prior to T&T, I was with Ziff-Davis Interactive,
Andersen Consulting, GE-Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  I have
engineering degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.

My passion is the development of dispute prevention tools for domain names.
Trademark issues are not going to go away.  And while a thorough dispute
resolution policy is essential (and it looks like we have one!), with some
technology and education, a lot of disputes can be prevented altogether.
And, as you may suspect, I also have a particular interest in the
intellectual property arena.

I have been following the ICANN and DNSO processes with a lot of interest
and am impressed with the progress that has been made to date.  I don't
think there is any other existing world body that has formed and coalesced
as rapidly as this one.  I would love the opportunity to participate in this

See you all in Santiago!


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> Fellow registrars,
> The committee on business plans and procedures for the Names Council,
> is probably one of the most important and likely to have the farthest
> reaching impact on the future of the DNSO.  I would highly encourage
> any and all interested parties to contact Theresa Swinehart who is
> the chair of this committe and join in the fun :-)
> Best regards,
> Richard
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