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Re: [registrars] Vote on dispute resolution policy

Amadeu and fellow registrars,

I would like to report to you that I intend to vote to approve
the WG-A report tonight.  I understand Michael's concerns, but
as I was also at the meeting in Washington DC, I was sufficiently
convinced that WIPO does not intend or want to be a DRP monopoly.

I think the overall result of the Washington DC meeting was 
possitive, and that the DRP that is in formulation will be 
able to meet most of our needs.  I think we all agree we
definately need unanimity as far as a Dispute Resolution Policy.


Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
> Dear registrars,
> As you will see in the attached mail, the Names Council is voting on the
> Workign Group A report concerning Chapeter C of the WIPO Final Report...
> In clear: the NC has to decide whether to forward some policy recommendations
> to ICANN.
> Tnbe recommendations, grossly summarised are:
> 1. Implement the WIPO reprot regading uniform DRP ASAP
> 2. DRP should be uniform accross all current gTLDs, even if differences
> regarding future gTLDs could be considered
> 3 Uniformity refers to material rules and "substantive procedural" erules.,
> Details in procedure should be open to differentation among differnet DRP
> service providers (differnt arbittration insititueins, if you prefer, even if
> it is not a completey cor。rect correspondence). Multiple DRP Service providers
> should be accredited by ICANN
> 4. DRP should confine rfor the moment being to cybersquatting and piracy, as
> defined by the WIPO Report. After a test p鑽iod, this could be extended to
> other areas.
> 5 WIPO to be asked to set a voluntary procedure for DR in case other than
> cybersquatting and piracy.
> I sitll don't know hwat happened in Wahsington regading the DRP seminar (any
> report, pleae?) but only a couple of registrars have expressed so fart theri
> preference for a non-uniform DRP.
> In cae you don't raise hell during the next 24 hours, I will vote in favour of
> these recommendations.