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Re: [registrars] Vote on dispute resolution policy

Richard Lindsay wrote:
> Amadeu and fellow registrars,
> I would like to report to you that I intend to vote to approve
> the WG-A report tonight.  I understand Michael's concerns, but
> as I was also at the meeting in Washington DC, I was sufficiently
> convinced that WIPO does not intend or want to be a DRP monopoly.
Whether WIPO intends so or not is perfectly irrelevant. I would like pointing
out that the recommendations specifically state tha t ICANN should establish
an acreitation process for DRP Service providers.

It might well turn out that in the very short run only WIPO would meet the
criteria or even be prepared to apply, but I would be realy surprised if
UNICTRAL, ICC, AAA and a number of other insitutions don't apply soon. If they
failed to do so, this would be their fault, not ours or WIPO's.

> I think the overall result of the Washington DC meeting was
> possitive, and that the DRP that is in formulation will be
> able to meet most of our needs.  I think we all agree we
> definately need unanimity as far as a Dispute Resolution Policy.

This is my positon as well.