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RE: [registrars] Vote on dispute resolution policy

And that is exactly what I have done Jim. Since Tuesday I have spoken with
Mike Froomkin, David Post and Ethan Katch.  I believe all of these people
were involved with the American Arbitration Association in the Virtual
Magistrate at Villanova Law School lead by Hank Perritt. Moreover, Ethan has
recently had some experience with Ebay is handling some online disputes.
Please see Online Ombuds Office -
http://aaron.sbs.umass.edu/center/ombuds/default.htm . Jonathan Cohen noted
on Tuesday the aforementioned individuals although accomplished in the legal
profession have minimal trademark experience.   However, these individual do
not intend to sit on the panels rather they will located qualified
individuals to sit on the panels and help in the administration of the site.

I commend the effort that AOL and Register.com has taken in connection with
the dispute resolution policy. I believe the meeting on Tuesday was
productive. Unlike other people that seek to sabotage progress all that I am
trying to do is to make sure that there are choices available as we go
forward.  Monopolies are a bad thing where with regard to registrars or
dispute providers.

Could you please forward to the list the revised dispute policy and working
rules that were suppose to be fine tuned after the Congressional testimony
on Wednesday.

Thanks. I look forward to cooperating with you and the other registrars in
reaching an agreed upon dispute resolution policy and rules.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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 Since the meeting in Tuesday I have spoken with several registrars and
 are several that are not willing no subject their customers to the sole
 discretion of WIPO panelists.  >>

The answer to this problem is that the registrars need to encourage other
dispute resolution centers to make themselves available to prepare lists of
panelists and administer disputes.  Jim