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[registrars] ICANN funding & registrars

Esther and fellow registrars,

Nominalia will keep providing the $1 per domain/year in a voluntary basis
despite the recent US Department of Commerce's position. Even if we could
devise other sources of funding for the future, we are committed to support
ICANN's critical work in the meantime.

In this regard,we have already instructed CORE, the Testbed registrar through
which we are regsitering .com, .org & .net domains since July 9, to send to
ICANN $2 per domain already registered, and will keep doing so until such time
as a complete and workable alternative financial structure will be in place.

Best regards

Amadeu Abril i Abril
Legal & Policy Advisor
Nominalia Internet S.L.			http://www.nominalia.com
ICANN Accredited Registrar
CORE Member #01					http://www.corenic.org