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Re: [registrars] Xfer of SLD sponsorship/ EU Investigation/ Minutes of Teleconference


I agree with the sentiment of your comments.  This is a clear
situation of double standard in the NSI "light registry" model.

One one hand, an issue that is at the heart of the WIPO process,
and is likely to add confusion to the whole process, the dispute
resolution policy, is left up to the Registrars.  On the other hand
an issue which is basically an operational one, that concerning
the transfer of domain names, is codified into strict rules that
protect the status quo.

IF we are left to our own devices to resolve domain name disputes,
we certainly should be able to determine what is an "authorized"
transfer of a domain name :-)

This is rather brief, but I don't think it needs a lot of further
explanation.  By the way, BobC brought up a very valid point about
the feasability of notarization in other countries. 


"Michael D. Palage" wrote:
> There is a concern about the unauthorized transfer of domain name.  It
> appears that NSI is claiming that it must safeguard against unauthorized
> slamming.  Simple solution at least as I see it:
> (1) Establish guidelines similar to what NSI currently employs with regard
> to name changes or domain xfers,i..e a signed notarized statement.
> (2) NSI should make the change without investigation based upon Registrars'
> representation
> (3) Registrar is required to keep documentation of sponsorship transfer
> authorization
> (4) If a registrar transferred name in bad faith, i.e. no proper
> documentation, registrar should pay a penalty or face de-accreditation in
> light of numerous bad faith transfers.

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