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[registrars] Xfer of SLD sponsorship/ EU Investigation/ Minutes of Teleconference

There is a concern about the unauthorized transfer of domain name.  It
appears that NSI is claiming that it must safeguard against unauthorized
slamming.  Simple solution at least as I see it:

(1) Establish guidelines similar to what NSI currently employs with regard
to name changes or domain xfers,i..e a signed notarized statement.
(2) NSI should make the change without investigation based upon Registrars'
(3) Registrar is required to keep documentation of sponsorship transfer
(4) If a registrar transferred name in bad faith, i.e. no proper
documentation, registrar should pay a penalty or face de-accreditation in
light of numerous bad faith transfers.

This way registrars that act in good faith are not penalized and those that
don't pay the price. The only question is who collects the penalty?  Some
component should go to the registry to cover their administrative costs,
however, the majority of the penalty should go somewhere else. Where I do
not know?

I also encourage public comment to the list with regard to the EU's (DGIV)
investigation of NSI under Article 82 EC and Article 54 of the EEA

The  minutes from today DOC / ICANN teleconference will be able shortly.

I welcome your responses.